Beautiful Artwork That Only Shows Up When the Street is Wet

This mural in Seoul, South Korea takes hidden artwork to a new level with vibrant color. With the help of Pantone, a group of designers painted a sneaky mural on the street that only becomes visible when it rains. Monsoon season is a dreary time in South Korea, but the new artwork gives the street a pop of color.

Called Project Monsoon, the art is inspired by South Korea’s culture and topographical features. Bright blue ponds with turtles and fish have been painted with hydrochromic paint, a special formula that turns from transparent to opaque when wet. To get people excited about the project, augmented reality billboards have been installed to give pedestrians a sneak peek at the artwork to come in the rainy season.

The project has already received some acclaim, winning the Black Pencil and a Yellow Pencil at the 2015 A&AD New Blood awards.

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